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Spring and the Corona Luna Monday gratefuls: Corn dogs. State Fair corn dogs. The Minnesota State Fair. The Great Minnesota Get Together. The Great U.S. stay apart. The bailout. I think. Being alone with Kate and Seoah. Those pictures of Murdoch from Brenton. Life in a world historical event. Life. Death. The power of Monday. […]

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Locked In Syndrome

Spring and the Corona Luna Friday gratefuls: That I started this section before C.V. Grocery stores and their employees. Pharmacies. Gas stations. Most of all, still, nurses, docs. Hospital and E.R. employees. Lab workers. Garbage collectors. Brenton White. Murdoch, who will be sprung from doggie juvie tomorrow. Seoah’s northern South Korea soup. Tasty. Kate’s victory […]

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Resilience Strategies

Spring and the Corona Luna Thursday gratefuls: Kate’s fingers healing, slowly. (due to her Reynaud’s disease) Zoom. The wire that brings in the internet. The internet, making this whole situation more bearable. Books. Authors like Kim Stanley Robinson, Bruce Sterling, Isaac Asimov, Neal Stephens, William Gibson. Emotions like sadness, grief. The notion and practice of […]

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Evil Bastard

Mammon’s dumbest disciple wants to become Moloch’s agent, too. Today’s Washington Post: “Trump says he may soon push businesses to reopen, defying the advice of coronavirus experts” Since infants and the elderly die most, he’s trying to feed infants to the Dow Jones average. I don’t know any gods that wanted elderly sacrifices, though there […]

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Thanks for coming to work

Spring and the 1% sliver of the Leap Year Moon Monday gratefuls: A chicken! King Sooper had a chicken! I got the second to last one. Drug makers. Pharmacists. Nurses, especially nurses. All health care workers, all around the world. Politicians, in particular U.S. governors and mayors, actually confronting the crisis. Democrat senators holding the […]

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