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When the moon is in the 7th house…

Samain                                                                         Stent Moon Mercury retrograde. Elisa said this would be a time when I would remember my dreams. I have recalled some, definitely more than usual. I’d also reassess my life, letting new things in, chucking the no longer useful. Well. Over the last month plus I’ve read a lot, and I mean a lot […]

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Samain                                                                    Thanksgiving Moon Into On the Move Fitness for a new workout: side lunges on the TRX, oblique isometrics with bands, a twisting shoulder press, planks, stepups with weight, push ups from an exercise ball, crunches on an exercise ball. I always feel so much better when I exercise routinely. Long ago I decided regular […]

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A Profound Week

Samain                                                                     Thanksgiving Moon Bit of winter. 9 degrees here on Shadow Mountain this morning. No snow and little snow for us in the forecast. Though. Across the divide they’re getting good snow. Our snowpack is 119% of normal and way ahead of last year. Important data for so many people. Friday and Saturday were more […]

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