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Citizens of the World

Written By: Charles - Jul• 01•20

Summer and the Moon of Justice

Wednesday gratefuls: Denver Post delivery. Our short, flat driveway. The iris that bloomed. My fingers, which know where the keys are. Rigel, early this morning, looking at me still in bed. Day 7 in quarantine for Seoah. Feelings. Sadness about the failure of the United States. Failures. Words from Mario. Good words. The clan. Mary’s retirement day, yesterday. Wow.

Both sister Mary and brother Mark have lived out of the U.S. longer than they lived in it. Both reached this ex-pat milestone this year. Mary has lived in Singapore longer than she lived in our hometown of Alexandria. Mark lived longer in Bangkok than in Alexandria. Oh, the places you’ll go. A Shadow Mountain congratulations to both of them, true citizens of the world.

We’re a traveling family, though I’ve been a stay at home compared to my sibs. Two siblings who live so far away and have for so many years makes family a long distance relationship. Especially with mom and dad both dead. Glad they’re not here now in this virus ridden country, with a shabby would-be autocrat whose ties drag the ground. At least Singapore and Saudi Arabia have leaders.

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