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Written By: Charles - Nov• 07•18

Samain                                                                           Healing Moon (2%)

trump3Claim a victory. An old political maxim and one I’m going to use this morning. It wasn’t a cleansing victory, not a whole field, run the bastards out victory, but a win. Yes. Control of at least one house of Congress. Yes. 22 governorships. Yes. Reduction in Senate margin. Sigh. Hands over head. Trump still in office. Duck and cover. Here in Colorado we elected the first openly gay Governor, Jared Polis. Looks like Democrats will have control of the state house and senate, too. Minnesota elected Democrats in key races. And Indiana. Well. And Oklahoma. Not much better.

The states of my childhood continue to remind me why I no longer want to live in either one. My second phase home, Minnesota, seems slightly more blue than in the recent Pawlenty stained past. Colorado, our third phase home, has pushed itself solidly into blue. Politics is cyclical, but Trump, I hope, is a unicycle.

I feel a bit lighter. Will take some time to assess, learn what all this means. But Colorado looks very hopeful.

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