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Come for the virus. Stay for the ICU.

Written By: Charles - Jun• 21•20

Summer and the Moon of Justice

Sunday gratefuls: Jon. Ruth. Gabe. Joe. The Dad parts of my morning. Regular and grande. Curtis. Even though. Hey, why not throw in Elmo and Charlie Keaton, too? All Dads, all day. A weak brother to Mother’s Day, but still. A fine day yesterday. The crowd in Tulsa.

Summertime and the covid is easy, spreading and growing. Went to Evergreen yesterday to buy wine for Kate and pick up the last pizza’s from Beau Jo’s while Seoah’s here. We both like their Li’l Sicily. Evergreen had a summer crowd, main tourist street jammed, cars on both sides, a full parking lot. And, almost nobody had masks on! Come to the mountains for the afternoon, share or pick up a virus. Go home. Perfect day.

Tourism begets a sense of not having to follow the rules. Who knows you here? If you do something stupid or crass, who’ll find out? That seems normal to me, part of the reason we travel. Adults can, and most do, overcome it, enjoying the feeling of liberty, but not having to exercise it. Combine, however, Colorado’s libertarian streak and tourist whimsy? Oh, hell. We don’t a mask up here. Sigh. We live here.

Most of the time I enjoy the this is where people come to relax and we live here feeling. Masklessness and violating the rules of campfires. Not so much. Tourists come here for the same reason that we live here. It’s beautiful, cooler than the city. But ask anyone who’s ever lived in a touristy spot, say, Breckenridge or Kauai or near the Alamo. Hassles are common.

Happy Father’s day to all you Dads!

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