Cyber Knifed: Treatment #1

Beltane and the Recovery Moon

They offered me this youtube video and I said, sure, I’ll post it on my blog. Time-lapse of one whole treatment. 1/35th. A fraction.

From my vantage point on the table the Cyber Knife has a mildly menacing quality.

One thought on “Cyber Knifed: Treatment #1

  1. Scott Simpson

    This sped up video makes the CyberKnife look like a very curious bird – inspecting you from all sides, preparing to pick a kernel of food from your abdomen.

    Since your mention some music selections, and if you enjoy jazz, one of my latest favorites is a young Japanese piano player, Hiromi. I love the expressions on her face – that seem to say this is everything I was born to do, I’m in love with this, and nothing else matters. Here’s a link:

    Thinking of you,

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