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Dogs and the Night

Written By: Charles - Apr• 03•10

Spring                                    Awakening Moon

Some nights.  First, Kona had to get out of her crate about 10:30 pm.  She never gets up until morning.  She ran outside, ran around the shed, came back inside and went back in her crate.  Then, around 1am Vega starts whining.  Won’t let up.  So, I get up, let her out. Again, this is very unusual.  She also sleeps until morning.  When I let Vega out, Rigel wanted to go, too.  They ran around a bit.  Vega came back and laid down in front of the door.  But. Rigel wanted to stay outside.

15 minutes or so later, we’re at around 2am now, I decided enough.  So, I got out the flashlight and proceeded into the woods.  This is not easy at 2 am with no moon light.  Overcast.  The best route around the woods is the path running alongside the fence all round our property.  Only.  I put up an electric fence and the path runs uncomfortably close to it.  One trip over a root or fallen branch and I’m a cow that needs to go anywhere but close to the fence,

Anyhow.  I gave up after 10 minutes of wandering and stumbling, the flashlight a poor substitute for clear light.  As I headed back toward the house having decided to let Rigel sleep outside, she came up behind me and to my right.  Suddenly.  Scared the bejesus out of me.  So, around 2:15 or so all dogs in bed and me, too.  Of course, getting to sleep after all that putzing around is not so straightforward, at least for me.  One of those nights.

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