Family Celebration

Midsommar                                                                          Kate’s Moon

Jon has made it through, all the way through, a year plus of divorce drama with court appearances, lawyers, contested final orders. Those final orders, written in November of 2016 and recorded then, have now been in place for over six months. The daily crisis mode has fallen away, replaced by the gradual establishing of new norms. Both Jon and Jen must find a new balance, as must Ruth and Gabe. When kids are involved, you’re not divorced from someone, you’re divorced to them.

To celebrate we all went to Domo. It’s a unique restaurant, one of my favorites in Denver, that focuses on serving dishes typical of rural Japan, especially its mountain prefectures. Below are some pictures.

Waiting for supper

Waiting for supper





One thought on “Family Celebration

  1. S Jason Simpson

    Hello Charlie,

    This blog entry brings back fond memories of meeting you and Kate at Domo some time ago. I’m happy to hear that Jon and the kids are now moving on past the divorce trauma.

    It was a good idea to go out and celebrate together.

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for writing. Say Hi to Kate for me and tell her I’m wishing her wellness and renewed strength.

    Also, thank you so much for the ride from the airport to Denver. I appreciated the ride as well as having some time to get caught up together.


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