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Getting on a jetplane

Written By: Charles - Jun• 23•20

Summer and the Moon of Justice

Tuesday gratefuls: Seoah. At the airport waiting on her 8 a.m. flight. The journey there. Joe. In Singapore waiting on her. Quarantine. Two weeks. Then, a reunion. Rigel, looking out the door at me when I got back. Elk in Evergreen. Mule Deer coming up the Mountain. The Sun. So far away, yet so bright.

Out of the house at 3:30 this a.m. A tupperware container with a grilled cheese sandwich and grapes in my hand. Made by Seoah. The road in darkness and the Stars. Not often I see either one of them in the summer months.

We talked about her stay. About this year. We shook our heads. She came at a perfect time for Kate and me. Helped us through a cascade of events, some shocking like Gertie’s death and Covid. I’ve said it before here, but I’ll say it again: our family is stronger now. Can’t tell you how much satisfaction that gives me.

Kate and I will have to adjust to life without her. She did a lot of the cooking and all of the cleaning. Mostly though she was good energy, loving energy in the house. We will miss all of this, but mostly her loving energy.

There is sadness. And, joy.

And, I have eight pounds of stuff: a curling iron, six bottles of coconut milk, a bottle of Stevia, a Korean/English book. She was 8 pounds over in one bag. A $200 fee. I’ll put it in her room. The guest room is now officially Seoah’s room, loaned out only when she’s not here. She’s not a guest anymore.

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