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Getting Things Done

Written By: Charles - Mar• 08•20

Imbolc and the Leap Year Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Blue skies, green trees, bright sun. Joe and his sense of right and wrong. Seoah’s salmon meal last night. Kate’s phone calls. My health. Rigel and the Kep. Gertie of blessed memory. The overseas part of the clan. The stay-at-homes. The Rocky Mountains. Shadow Mountain.

Sunday ungrateful: the time switch (no, not a new feature. just a once a year middle finger to the geniuses who keep this happening.)

Yesterday was a day of resolution. We texted Brenton and told him we had chosen him to watch Murdoch. Then, I emailed Corinne and told her sorry. Brenton gave us the phone number of a kennel in Loveland that is close to his house, one he’s used many times. If Murdoch has to go one more place, Blue Sky Animal Hospital might be it. We took Murdoch enough food to last him through the 19th, Seoah bought him some treats. Seoah’s flight change got confirmed; her dress returned for store credit. That claim for Seoah’s lost shoes finalized. Joe’s mail for the last month is on its way to Singapore. Feels good.

Today I have to read Talmud. I’m several pages behind and need to get caught up. Still over seven years to go. I need to finish (start) my presentation for the class with Jamie, due on the 11th.

Read about coronavirus precautions in the NYT. Michael Osterholm weighed in. He’s a heavyweight in these matters. Minnesota’s lucky to have him. If you’re over 60. Check. If you have chronic lung disease. Check. Then, stay away from large gatherings. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Or, pick your nose. Ride it out. I’m gonna follow it. Hope Kate will. Not paranoid, just wary.

No. I will not write anything more about how stupid and unnecessary the time change is. I won’t. I promise.

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