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Give me liberty, or give me death. Hold my beer: the coronavirus.

Written By: Charles - Jun• 25•20

Summer and the Moon of Sorrow

Thursday gratefuls: Seoah’s back in Singapore. In quarantine. Texting us about how much she misses us. Us, too. Seoah and Joe on the same soil. Finally. Kate’s improving spirits. Blocking the leakage, some skin improvement. Treatments for Kep’s hotspots. Prednisone and Cephalexin. An empty house. Learning from Seoah about housekeeping, cooking. Rising rates of Coronavirus.

Up late today. 7 a.m. Missed the sunrise.

Just got my morning warble (intercom sound) from Kate that she’s up. Most mornings I’m two hours into the day when she calls.

Kate and I both. Missing Seoah. Feeling an emptiness in the house, in our hearts. Much like when the last kid leaves home.

That silver bugling Elk necklace, made by Evergreen Goldsmiths, I got for Kate. We gave it to Seoah. The Elks came up to the balcony attached to her room. She sent videos to Joe, her parents, her sisters, her friends.

She sent a video of her hotel room, her home for the next 14 days. Nice. And, her first breakfast in a plastic bentobox. Joe complained to everyone who would listen and could do something about having to pay for the quarantine. Somebody listened. Not on their dime anymore.

On the simplicity practice I chose Tuesday night. Does this thought bring me joy? Ah, forgot schadenfreude. Those virus outbreaks in the South? I only said the obvious a while back, predicting the outbreaks now hammering Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and my home state of Oklahoma. Other states, too. Look at this NYT map published in today’s paper. The South stands out with red blotches like an embarrassed tween.

Back to schadenfreude. Taking joy in the misery of others. A nasty, unseemly feeling. But, I feel it anyhow when I see these numbers. Of course, I feel terrible for the actual human beings represented by those red splotches and wish their fate on no one. They also show that ideology has consequences.

These red states show the cruelty and outright stupidity of Trump and those who turn toward the Whitehouse in this era, spread out their prayer rugs, and worship. They know what they do. Mammon has a human avatar and his hair is orange. The economy first. Our power first. Grandparents should be willing to die to save the economy.

These flares are empirical proof that Trumpism kills, destroys, maims. Not the enemies of the U.S., but our own citizens. Please, now, see this. Organize. Register. Vote. Please.

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