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Go Away From My Window

Written By: Charles - Jul• 09•20

Summer and the Moon of Justice

Thursday gratefuls: A less than .1 PSA. Lowest it can be for that test. Amber, the wound care nurse. Lisa, the receptionist and friendly person. Finally getting an appointment to clear up the angry skin around Kate’s feeding tube. Iowa pork. Napa Cabbage. Publication of the Grammar of Holiness in the Shofar. Rigel’s ferocity last night. Kep’s help. Ice cream. Stump grinder coming on Monday. Claussens coming to pick up the pallets tomorrow night.

Back to cancer. After that anxious trip to Quest Labs, a good result. Less than .1 PSA. On this test there is no lower result. My PSA remains undetectable after both nine months of Lupron and thirty-five zaps from the radiation gun. And, a year and three months from the March, 2019 signal of the recurrence.

Another three months for the Lupron to fully clear my body, maybe four, then the PSA that will tell the whole tale. Did the radiation kill off the hardy little buggers that crept back in? Or, will I have to go on some sort of drug protocol, probably for a long time? I see my oncologist next Tuesday. More clarity about life after Lupron then.

Rigel the huntress. Echoing her name as one of the stars making up the Greek hunter Orion. In the middle of the night her deep chest resonated as she set up a warning bark to something outside. First time she’s done this in our five and a half years on Shadow Mountain. She’s not a barker, except for predator mail men and UPS drivers.

Not coon hound baying (she’s half Walker Coyote Hound), this was full-throated you are in my territory and had better leave barking. Impressed me. If I were a critter out there hearing that bass, determined, and eager sound, I’d think a lot about hanging around.

Were it not for Mountain Lions, I would have let her out to confront whatever it was. Bears will run from large Dogs. Might have been a Coyote. A Bear. A Raccoon. An Opossum. A Mountain Lion. Our doggy care philosophy involves letting them follow their own life as much as possible and she wanted to get to this animal. A lot. Dying for that urge? Nope.

After looking over the partially lit backyard from the upstairs balcony and the sewing room door, I couldn’t see anything. Will remain a mystery.

In other big news for us. Seoah is out of quarantine. I have a picture of Joe and her, both with big smiles. It’s been five months since they’ve been together. Wow.

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