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Gone the TPN

Written By: Charles - Jun• 06•19

Beltane and the Recovery Moon


The tpn is over. Kate’s pic line got pulled out yesterday afternoon before she left Adventist. Don’t know what we’ll do with the saline flushes, heparin blocks, batteries, gloves, kits for attaching the bag to the pump, the remaining bags.

The j-tube nutrients, called Jevity (I know, like continuation and continuators), arrived in a small box last night. Enough for a month. The tpn required three boxes each week, with three styrofoam boxes plus cooling gel packs. The j-tube is on Kate’s abdomen so she can handle the flushes and the feedings. I’m out of a job. And, I’m glad.

When I got to Adventist yesterday, Kate was not yet ready to go home. I spent 5 hours there. I’ve reached a saturation point with driving to hospitals, hanging out. I’m tired of it. The constant back and forth, the long drives. We’re in the 9th month now since Kate’s bleed. It’s been a lot and I’m showing the strain.

Not pretty, but true nonetheless. This will pass and I’ll get back in the groove. Yesterday though…

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