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Happy Anniversary

Written By: Charles - Mar• 10•18

Imbolc                                                                         New Life Moon

Courtroom inside the Landmark Center

Courtroom inside the Landmark Center

So. 28 years ago today Kate and I went to the Landmark Center in Rice Park, downtown St. Paul, up to a renovated Federal courtroom where we mixed Jewish and Christian traditions in a written by us ceremony. At the amazing reception Kate’s two sisters, BJ and Sarah played, with two other musicians, a chamber piece we had composed for the occasion. That marked our place of meeting, seats, season seats together, at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.

That night we spent at the Nicollet Island Inn, a hotel in an old stone manufacturing building on an island just above lock and dam #1 on the Mississippi. In the morning we took a taxi to the airport, boarded a PanAm flight and landed at DaVinci International several hours later.

We followed spring for three weeks, traveling always north, ending up eventually in Inverness, Scotland after having visited Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Paris, Bath, Edinburgh, and London. We had two first-class Eurail passes, navigating all of this journey by train. We were both younger then, able to lug suitcases out of taxis and onto platforms. In 1990 the Chunnel had not yet been built so we crossed the English Channel the old fashioned way, by ship.

VeniceTo open up our relationship by this kind of excursion through the Old World, its art and its food, its people and landmarks, gave us a wonderful touchstone for the years ahead. We’ll always have the Spanish Steps, Crispi’s, the Uffizi, that first view of the Grand Canal from the train station, the wiener schnitzel after the foodless train from Venice to Vienna, staying on the Left Bank in Paris, the Louvre. There were the sheep placers as we took the train from Dover to London, the overnight sleeper from London to Edinburgh, and the late evening walk along the misty river Ness.

My bride, a Norwegian-Jewish princess. Then. Now.

My bride, a Norwegian-Jewish princess. Then. Now.

We returned to the U.S. thoroughly married with our Portmeirion china on its way from the Reject China shop in London.

The next three weeks don’t hold that sort of adventure, though they will have important moments for our still vital marriage. Kate’s shoulder replacement is a week and five days from now. Joseph pins on Major a bit later. We’ll see Jon and Ruth and Gabe, the folks at Beth Evergreen. We’ll feed the dogs and love them. Drive through the Rocky Mountains as we do errands, get from here to there. This is life as we age together, a commitment we made to each other, then sealed with a trip. Still in love, still excited about our relationship.


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  1. William says:

    Happy Anniversary, Kate and Charlie!
    May this be your best year yet. And, many more to come. You make a great mountain couple.
    Love and blessings,

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