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In the Mud

Written By: Charles - May• 19•20

Beltane and the Corona Lunacy II

Tuesday gratefuls: Joe’s beard. Seoah’s surprising meal last night: turnip greens, spaghetti, and smoked sausage. Looked strange, tasted good. The heat. Loft reorganization, going well. Getting there. Ruth. A sweet girl. Gabe. Tricky Gabe. Jon and his house, his cat. Kate, her journey. Mine with her. Ruby’s air conditioning.

Rocky dreams last night. Woke up feeling bad. Only thing I can remember is a person of authority saying, “We have you on record as a teenager saying you would prefer to live in Canada.” This was part of an interrogation, accusation of unfaithfulness to I’m not sure what. I felt beleaguered and in danger.

I don’t like waking up with a bad mood clouding my psyche. It taints the beginning of the day. I sat here for a bit, trying to get started, but felt stuck. This fuzzy gray cloud obscured an easy entry into the day’s post.

I even checked on the idiot. Didn’t help. Well, that never helps.

The clan this morning. I hope it goes better than the ancient friends meeting on Sunday. Getting into it, I mean. We had a failure to launch. Discovered in the process that all five of us have zoom accounts. Bill stepped in and set up a meeting. We were on fire after that.

Still in the mud writing wise. Words coming hard. Perhaps this is the point to sign off for the morning.

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