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Just comfortable being who you are? Yes.

Written By: Charles - Dec• 03•18

Samain                                                                            Thanksgiving Moon

Denver Public Library last week

Denver Public Library last week

Zoom again. The peripatetic Tom was on a porch swing in 60 degree Atlanta. Paul was up near New Brunswick where he and Sarah had recently attended a whisky pairing meal. Bill and Mark were in the homeland, colder but not as snowy as predicted. That left me on Shadow Mountain, a sunny cold day. We caught each other up, saw the world through each other’s eyes for a moment. Friends. And good ones.

Second Jewish Studies Sunday Sampler. I was not eager to get there, finding my tolerance for being responsible at a low ebb right now. Strange, such a small thing but I just didn’t want to do it. And, it’s my idea. Sparsely attended, like last time. Though. I realized I could catch up on Judaism pretty fast if I saw all these courses through to the end rather than just sampling them. Might do that.

When it came out that I wasn’t a Jew in a conversation about families, a woman asked me, “So you’re just comfortable being who you are?” “Yes,” I said. Worth the afternoon.

Kate’s getting impatient now, good for her. When the nausea et al looked life long, we were both adapting to it, trying to make our lives fit its demands. Now that there is some hope of lifting the curse, adaptation feels burdensome. Enough. She’ll be putting pressure on the various physicians in her life to suss out the optimal approach to relieving the stenosis. Then, get it done.

arar-locator-mapBrother Mark is in far off Araby, near the borders of Jordan and Iraq, close to Israel and Syria. He may get some traveling in over an upcoming break. Arar, the city where he’s posted this time, seems much to his liking. Not sure if Mary’s back in Singapore after Finland. We’ll see Joe and SeoAh again over the holidays.

It’s Hanukah 2018. Big do at CBE on Wednesday with a Hanukah bazaar. Gabe reminded us several times that Hanukah would begin soon.

Biggest news though is that Jon, on December 10, turns 50. Having a 50 year old son pretty much says senior citizen. Not sure what we’re going to do for his birthday, but something fun.

That’s it for the Rocky Mountain News this morning.


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