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La Shana Tova 5781!

Written By: Charles - Sep• 18•20

Lughnasa and the Rosh Hashanah Moon

Friday gratefuls: Joe and Seoah. Sano Vet. Yet more enroflaxcin. Chewy. Finally. Kate’s two good days in a row. Jon, Ruth, Gabe. Coming on Saturday. New workout. Subway. Lik’s Ice Cream. Stinker’s Sinclair. Black Mountain. Shadow Mountain. Longer nights.

Over to Safeway for a pickup order. All but two items this time. Pretty good. Pickup groceries makes me feel safe and I’m grateful it got started a bit before the pandemic. The pickups of early lockdown were often missing items, not so much now. Now they leave out things the pickers can’t find, don’t look for.

Got the ingredients for a sweet potato cream soup Kate saw. It’s a slow cooker recipe. Gonna start it this morning. Kate and I can have it tonight, then when Jon and the kids come, we’ll have the rest as a side with the barbecue beef from Tony’s. Watermelon and potato chips. Thanks to the meat bundles I bought from Tony’s back in May, Easy Entrees, and pickup groceries, good food happens here.

Talked to Alan yesterday. Passed on thanks from the Ancient Ones for his willingness to schlep me to my cataract surgery. Alan’s working hard on Lisa Cutter’s campaign. She’s our state rep facing a stiffer challenge than the whack job from last cycle. He didn’t believe in public schools. Alan’s also learning “If I Were a Rich Man”, anticipating tryouts for Fiddler in fall 2021.

Alan handles tech matters for the synagogue. They have a new sound board and sound system for the sanctuary. Alan wrote the RFP. Rabbi Jamie wants to do half of the High Holiday services outside, making an amphitheater out of an uphill slope off the synagogue’s rear patio. A lot of preparation necessary for these important holidays.

It was a quieter week for us this week. By design. We canceled our weekly visit to Amber and had nothing else except the early Monday appointment with the pulmonologist. Needed it.

Something wonky is going on with Kate’s medical care. Not sure whether it’s Covid disarray and stress, the bureaucratic quagmire occasioned by health care plans, or some pique with our PCP. Whatever it is the referral for her cat scan has not happened. This will locate her pleura effusion so they can drain it We’ve gotten no word either on a wheelchair for her. Meanwhile we’re renting one.

Cue a quiet scream of frustration with this most expensive of all health care systems. Takes me back to trying to get my axumin scan. Grrrr.

Be well. Do good deeds. And, VOTE.

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