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Locked In Syndrome

Written By: Charles - Mar• 27•20

Spring and the Corona Luna

Friday gratefuls: That I started this section before C.V. Grocery stores and their employees. Pharmacies. Gas stations. Most of all, still, nurses, docs. Hospital and E.R. employees. Lab workers. Garbage collectors. Brenton White. Murdoch, who will be sprung from doggie juvie tomorrow. Seoah’s northern South Korea soup. Tasty. Kate’s victory against United Airlines. Most of all from yesterday, a talk with Kate. Yeah, talking. Still good.

Ordered groceries online yesterday. Due to a quirk at Safeway’s site I had to choose delivery over pickup. That meant another interaction with Instacart. I stopped ordering deliveries here last year because Instacart’s service model made it erratic at best. Orders would come late. Ice cream melted. That sort of thing. The virus has not made them better.

I ordered around 4 pm, was told to expect delivery in two hours. After 6 text messages announcing delays I was asked to reschedule. This was at 9:15. I canceled because when I clicked on reschedule there were no slots available over the next 3 days. That osmotic pressure, the virus and its sequalae, added to mountain logistics. Will try again later. Not sure when.

King Sooper, whom I tried first, had only half the items I wanted on my order. Grocery shopping has become like shooting ducks. You have to lead the items you want, hope you hit the store when they have them in stock. The grocery stores and their employees are, like nurses and doctors, real heroes. They’re working on, supporting us all, in spite of the danger to themselves and their families.

Seoah, Kate, and I are a team. Yesterday Seoah made a potato dumpling soup with thinly sliced vegetables. They make this in the north, she said, where the Olympics were. It’s not ever made in the south, down around Gwangju and Busan where she grew up. Regional cuisines.

Kate called United Airlines and got them to back off on a $500 increase in the ticket price for Seoah’s return trip in May. Singapore closed their airport March 25th. United closed their flights to Singapore. Her flight was on March 29th. When Joseph went online to change it, the comparable ticket was $500 higher. The military has also issued an order banning military family members from travel for two months. Kate explained this in her I am being reasonable manner. Just this one time, said the supervisor. Sure, o.k.

My contribution yesterday was trying to buy groceries and communicating with Brenton in Loveland about Murdoch. We go on Saturday. Jeffco issued a stay at home order effective March 26th, but there is an exception for health related trips, including pets.

Murdoch needs to get out of Bergen Bark Inn. They’ve been very kind, both with him and with us, but being in a kennel for 12 hours at night has begun to wear on him. He’s still happy, but thinner. Staff there told us dogs didn’t do well past six weeks to two months. They were right. Not to mention the bill will be in the thousands of dollars now.

Insert rant about Trump and our oligarchs choosing money over people.

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