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Written By: Charles - May• 25•20

Beltane and the Moon of Sorrow

Memorial Day gratefuls: WWI. WWII. Those who fought. Those who died. Those killed in the death camps. Those affected still. Gertrude and Curtis, veterans of WWII. Joseph, a serving Major in the USAF. Warriors. Peaceniks. Peacemakers. Out terrible love of war. (James Hillman) The anti-war movement of the 60’s. Richard Nixon, who taught us about corruption and venality. His best, his very best, student, DJT.

War. Warriors. Old as the first dispute over a berry patch back on the veldt. Who’ll fight for us? “They don’t call it murder if you kill in the thousands, to the sounds of trumpets, and with banners flying.” That’s how I recall it. Here’s what Voltaire actually said, “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” A sign from the 60’s: Travel to foreign countries. Meet exotic people. And, kill them.

My thinking was simpler then. Bad war, good peace. Bad Westmoreland, good Vietcong. But even then I knew I was against this particular war, not all wars. This was an intervention in a civil war, a dispute stretching back in time beyond our creation as a country.

The domino theory was bad thinking, a cold war worldview that led to simplistic decisions much like the word terrorist does today. The invasion of Iraq was a bad war, for example. Prompted by warmongers, people willing to bend the truth to get reality to conform to their version of it. Weapons of mass destruction? Right.

However. Warriors, those who fight the wars dreamed up by old white men in oiled wood committee rooms, drinking ice water and hot coffee. They defend the tribe, the clan, the nation. Their profession is a noble one and can require the greatest sacrifice imaginable.

Here’s a prayer I wrote for Joseph’s commissioning service in June, 2008. Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama. He and his classmates had just finished OCT and were becoming Second Lieutenants: “Bring a blessing on these men and women who have not only found something worth living for, but something worth dying for.   Link them arm in arm as warriors with those  living and dead who cherish freedom, defend liberty and work for justice.  Stand with them wherever they go and whatever they do, for they are our children, our mothers and brothers and sisters, our wives and husbands and we love them.”

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