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Monday, Monday

Written By: Charles - Jul• 13•20

Summer and the Moon of Justice

Monday gratefuls: Sleep. Slept in this am. Gettin’ things done. Carne asada from Tony’s. Cooking. Coffee. Water. Gas and fire. Compressors. The freezer. The refrigerator. Rain yesterday. Madam Secretary. Patriotism. Colorado. Minnesota. Indiana. Wisconsin. Crete. Knossos. Ephesus. Delphi. Angkor Wat. Cahokia. The Colosseum. The Appian Way. Ovid. The Metamorphsis. Latin.

Wore myself out yesterday. Spaghetti. Israeli Salad. Steamed carrots. Boiled chicken. Carne asada. Mopping, bathrooms. Shoulders still complaining. Good tired.

Seoah and Joe, happy together. Video calls may not give us micro-expressions, but the information they do provide body language, smiles, gesticulations, seeing the face as a person speaks, priceless. Zoom. Google talk. Face Time. Kakao. Ancillary, but so important.

Schadenfreude beginning to wane, swamped by the enormity of suffering in these virus infested United States. The virus itself might get that V-shaped recovery.

Speaking of V-shaped, what is the market doing? It’s held up in spite of the obviously crashing social fabric on which the economy depends. Some talk about the separation of the economy from the market. A strange thing to contemplate. For me, at least.

Tomorrow the oncologist. Plan for post-Lupron life. I hesitate to say I’m not anxious after my trip to get my blood drawn. Let’s say I’m not dreading the visit. Life’s overlay for Kate and me is disease heavy. Death’s agents lurking, as they always are, but out in the open right now. Even so, life is precious and not over. Trying to live with simplicity and beauty. Justice and compassion. Love. Same as always.

Stump grinder today. Pallet folks never showed. Have to find a trash hauler now. Kate wants to order a new freezer now even though it won’t be delivered until fall. I agree. Lots of piddly things like these. Stuff to keep the homestead running.

These are the days my friend. I hope that they’ll soon end.

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