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Mountain Angels

Written By: Charles - Jun• 11•20

Beltane and the Moon of Sorrow

Thursday gratefuls: Seoah’s trust. Kate’s improvement. Three Elk in the back this morning. Religion. Philosophy. Analysis. Mystical experience. Dandelions that bring Elk and Bees. Lungs. Gas Exchange. Oxygen concentrators. Joe and his baseball cards. China. Japan. Korea. Cambodia. Vietnam. Our suffering nation. Change.

Two full days. Weary. Good sleep last night, cool again.

Three Elk came to our house this morning, including one with only one antler. The same guy from last year, pre-radiation? Seems like it. This is our sixth summer here and the first four saw no Elk. Last year there were two, who stayed for a day and a night. Two on Sunday who stayed all day, clearing most of our Dandelions. These three have stopped to rest in the shade of our northeastern Lodgepole grove.

Sanshin has gifted us with these wondrous Creatures. Wild, yet here. Inside our fenced yard because of their wild power. I’m not sure why we gave up on the idea that wild animals are messengers, angels you might say, but I think it’s time to reconsider the idea.

To see a full grown Elk buck rise up right outside your bedroom window to grasp a branch full of Aspen leaves. To watch as his long tongue grasps the branch, pulls it into his mouth so he can strip it clean. This 900 pound animal subsists on Aspen leaves, Dandelions, and Grass. Awe. Yirah.

We and our neighbors have embedded ourselves among the Elk, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Fox, and a multitude of other Creatures large and small, yet we seem them mostly on trail cams or chance photographs. In the fall, during the rut, Elk are more visible, but not now. Except in our own backyard.

I’m still processing the Hummingbirds and the Sunday Elk visit. There is a message for me, for Kate and me, but I haven’t sussed it out yet.

BTW: angel=messenger

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