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Written By: Charles - Jan• 19•12

Winter                                        First Moon of the New Year

We landed.  We drove.  We napped.  Ah.

Got up, went to Armstrong Kennels to get the dogs.  While getting the dogs, Kate had Rigel, a big girl, around 100 pounds, on a leash.  In her eagerness to get in the car and go home, Rigel tugged the leash, Kate tripped, hit her head and opened a three-inch gash over her right eye.

She’s at Urgent Care right now getting it sewed up.  No, she did not want me to drive her.  She’s tough.

Rigel got in the car.  Now she’s asleep on the rug upstairs.  Back home again in Minnesota.

BTW:  It cost more to board the dogs than it did to board Kate and me at the Best Western.  Hmmm.

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