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Passover and Easter People

Written By: Charles - Apr• 12•20

Spring and the Corona Luna

Sunday gratefuls: Saturday Night Seder. Kate’s joy in her Jewishness. Bulgogi by Seoah. Seoah walking for 45 minutes around our driveway. Art Green’s Radical Judaism, again. Snow. Maybe a foot thru Tuesday. Cold. 10 degrees. Calm. Traction. The passover story. It’s centrality for me, recently realized.

Our stay at home order got extended until April 26th. Singapore’s runs until May 4, Joseph said last night. Riyadh’s 24 hour curfew with time from 6am till 3 pm for necessary travel got extended indefinitely. The perfect example of it ain’t over till its over.

Passover and Easter. In the time of the virus. Liberation from slavery and death is not a reason for fear. Yes. We need this great wakin’ up mornin’. Let’s roll away the stone of our collective fear and plan for a resurrection, a second coming in every corner of our world, one that promises to smash economic injustice, turn back the oncoming climate disaster.

We need the confidence and the resilience that comes from realizing death is not our enemy, that Jesus and Yamantanka both fight the same foe. Our ur-fear, dying. Not death, but living in fear is our true adversary.

Living as we can, fully and with joy, defeats not only death. It gives us the power to say we will not come out of this pandemic with the same complacency towards oppression, that we will find the pharaohs in our midst and challenge them. This plague is a lesson. Let our people have freedom, justice, economic security, access to health care.

Let’s come out of this as Easter and Passover people committed to full lives, joyful lives for all, all across this blue marble.

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