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Shrinking World

Written By: Charles - Feb• 13•19

Imbolc                                                                            Valentine Moon

The fun continues. See doc tomorrow to check on lungs. Still coughing, still some fever. But! I am now 138 pounds. Back to my 20’s weight wise. Weird.

Kate has a ct tomorrow to check on the stent, see how it’s positioned, if it’s functional. That’s necessary because the feeding tube placement needs a good stent to produce the results we hope.

Strange how the world shrinks when you’re sick. Your body demands attention, often full attention. It wants to know where the bathrooms are, where the bed is, and the approximate time necessary to navigate between them. It knows other things are going on in the world, Trump’s still the president, right?, but doesn’t really give a damn. How can I get out from under this damned thing. That’s on the top of list.

Discovered King Sooper delivers! Whew. That made things a lot simpler. Got the first order this morning. A few missed beats, but not too bad and the young lady brought the stuff into the kitchen. $12 to avoid the trip, the trek through the store, checkout. Way, way worth it. Especially with my old bud pneumonia dogging my every breath.

From my home based hospital ward to yours, cheers.

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