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Snow, Snow, Snow

Written By: Charles - Feb• 26•09

Imbolc        New Moon (Moon of Winds)

The winds continue to blow, now driving a heavy snow.  The winds come straight out of the north with gusts ranging as high as 16 mph.

I’m not going to either the MIA (Maya lecture) or the capitol (Clean Cars hearing) in favor of staying home and working on the blog while the snow piles up.  Sometimes the distance and a lack of four wheel drive add up to remaining in place.

My energy level and my sense of well-being began to increase dramatically at the end of last week, either the end of a mild virus or the hangover from the vertigo/nausea fun of the previous week.  It feels so much better to feel so much better.

In a bit I’m going to dive into Obama’s first budget message to congress.  I have it on a pdf file.

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