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Sports Show Tours: Day 2

Written By: Charles - Mar• 14•12

Imbolc                                                  Woodpecker Moon

Two sports show tours today.  The first, a public 11:30, had nobody show.  Not surprising at 11:30 on a beautiful spring day.  72 degrees today.  Sunny.

1:00 pm tour had 5 people, but they were all into the show.  Had great discussions. Folks said, well, after seeing this we’ll have conversations about constitutes art.  I’m not as interactive so far as I might be, will have to think about that.

Once again entered the Pfieffer from the video first.  Makes much more sense.  This crowd loved the piece, the immersion in the sound and its evocation of childhood sports events.

I made a simple changed in spectacle gallery that made reception of the upstate NY olympics much more favorable.  I showed folks the Gursk large format photograph of the boxing match and Diane Arbus’ shot of a downs syndrome girl first.  Then, we went to the upstate NY olympics and its ironic twist on the nature of sports spectacle was apparent.

I apologize to those of you who don’t know the show but the pieces I’m talking about are installations:  a sound piece in the Pfieffer instance and a video piece in upstate NY olympics case.  Hard to describe in words which is, of course, part of their reason for existence.

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