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Still Here

Written By: Charles - Feb• 23•19

Imbolc                                                                             Valentine Moon

A new chapter. Mt. Evans’ Hospice and Home Health Care (personally wish they’d reverse the order of those nouns) has begun to come out. First, nurses to help us understand and adapt to Kate’s picc line and the changing of the tpn pouches every 24 hours. Both Julie and Michele live on Warhawk, very close by. Reassuring. The feeding helps, 950 calories or so over 24 hours, and balanced for her needs as I mentioned before.

Second, Kate had her first p.t. session yesterday and will have o.t. next week. This is important since Kate’s activity level has been minimal for months.

It’s a lot of change in a situation that has already caused lots of change. This is forward progress though. Kate sees Edwin Smith on Tuesday and hopefully the feeding tube placement will get scheduled and done soon after.

We get a grocery delivery today. That will be welcome. Once I feel better we can forego delivery and go to pickup. Still order online. They bring the groceries out to your car and you take them home. Ted plowed our drive this morning. 5 inches or so overnight. Happy about that.

I’m much better, but still mending. Chest x-ray on Thursday. Follow-up. No word on that yet.


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