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Stinkin’ Hot

Written By: Charles - Jul• 12•20

Summer and the Moon of Justice

Sunday gratefuls: The nights are getting longer. Kate had good day yesterday. Made further progress on organizing the garage. Joe made jucy lucy’s for Seoah tonight (Singapore time). Rigel with her head resting on Kate’s stomach. Neighbors up to something. A steel container unit at Jude’s, an Airstream at Holly and Eduardo’s for a while now. Derek’s work on cutting up and carting away our downed trees.

The day at eighty-eight degrees here on Shadow Mountain cannot compare to Riyadh’s one hundred degree nights. And, the humidity intensified heat of Singapore. Not sure how this works but our bodies do adapt as much as they can. Eighty-eight pushes past our adaptations into ugh territory. At night we start off hot, wearing minimal clothes, quilts to the side. As it gets dark, things cool off and sleeping’s ok. Does come to an end.

Freezer discussions again. Considering ordering a new one now for delivery when available. Probably fall. Pandamnenic. All the valuable meats are now in our refrigerator’s freezer, so we can wait.

A summer ennui occurs for me in the afternoons. As the heat builds. Mornings, like right now, are busy, productive. Cooking, especially dinner, doesn’t seem like something I want to do. Going to make Israeli salad this morning. Maybe cook up some carne asada. A chicken breast or two. Some spaghetti. Get ahead of the rising temps. I suppose this is where siestas came from.

Kate called on the intercom. “Gonna be stinkin’ hot today,” she said. We have a morning ritual where I write this blog, then she gets up, calls me and we check in for the morning. Are you ok? Yes. You? I slept well. Or, I have nausea. I’m out of breath. First pulse taking. She sounds good this morning and that buoys me.

Right now, a pleasant 70 degrees. Gonna head downstairs and get breakfast, then clean the floors and the bathrooms. Big fun.

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