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Written By: Charles - Mar• 18•20

Imbolc and the Leap Year Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Seoah cut up all the cardboard for the trash. Kate was feeling better as she went to bed. Murdoch looking slimmer, but healthy. The checkout clerk at Safeway. The people who were nice to Seoah there. That Trump finally woke up a bit. All those in primary health care. Each of us, together while apart.

Dreams. Last night I was puttering around inside a house. Could have been ours, but I’m not sure. As I cleaned, arranged things, I looked up and saw a human sized beetle scurrying away from the house. I’ve rarely had a dream so on the nose. As long as we stay in, may the virus scurry away.

Day 9 of state of emergency in Colorado. Two and a half months plus past the first report of coronavirus in China. Yesterday at the Safeway I went looking for potatoes for a corned beef and cabbage dinner. A square stand in the produce aisle held only dust from bags of potatoes. It looked like a lonely ziggurat or Mayan temple. Behind it were 50 feet or so of bare fresh produce shelves, organic and pestiticided alike. No whole chickens. A worker put eggs on the shelf of a small end cap cooler and just as fast customers took their allowed two. I was one of them.

Last time I’m going inside the store. All pickup or delivery from now on. There were many people there, all a bit hushed, some harried looking. Seeking that product, that box, that food that would make it all better. I went only for eggs, a whole chicken, potatoes, and cabbage. I found eggs and cabbage. In a plastic microwaveable container I found potatoes. They would have to do.

I thought of a couple of other things. Milk. Nope. Malt o Meal. Yep. On the hunt for the chicken I passed a bin of frozen shrimp and scallops. We will use them. I stuck my head behind the butcher’s counter. No whole chickens? The butcher shook his head. Nope.

At the checkout lane I thanked the clerk, as I had the guy stocking eggs, for coming to work. Not easy. She said, most folks are wonderful. Except for those who don’t understand why we don’t have what they need. She shook her head. Gray hair. Probably in the high risk group like Kate and me.

People are strange. Quoth the Doors. We don’t have an experience to fall back on here. Nobody alive has ever done this. Even the polio epidemic, which disproportionately affected children, didn’t see shelter in place. Empty beaches and playgrounds, yes.

Weird thought from thinking of the phrase shelter in place. What will all the mass shooters do now? Go door to door?

We’re only a few days into what might be a months long and economy shattering attempt to flatten the curve of infection. I’m interested in what you’re doing as the orders become more draconian. What you’re feeling.

Brother Mark sent along an article from Phenom Penh reporting on the flow of goods and workers from Malaysia into Singapore. Singapore is dependent on Malaysia for both, but the government there closed its borders. Diplomatic work was necessary to keep the supply lines alive.

His school in Riyadh is shut down right now while the teachers learn how to use Blackboard, an online learning tool. They start up again soon, but like all teachers and students affected by these stay home policies, their experience with online education is minimal.

Seoah’s here another two months due to chaotic scenes in airports both here and abroad. Neither she nor Joe wanted her to run that gauntlet. Murdoch’s departure from Bergen Bark Inn has been delayed. The woman who has her dogs with Brenton, Murdoch’s to be foster guy, has been held up by the coronavirus until March 28th. For now.

Reporting from home, atop Shadow Mountain.

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