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Stranger Things

Written By: Charles - Nov• 09•17

Samain                                                                    Joe and SeoAh Moon



Colorado weather. Looking at it from 40 years in Minnesota, where only a snow fence stands between Minnesotans and the North Pole, Colorado weather is weird. On Tuesday night Kate and I drove home from a discussion about difficult conversations at Beth Evergreen. Snow blew into our path, hard enough that putting on the brights clouded rather than helped our vision. Snow covered the roads, they were slick and the familiar drive up Brook Forest to Black Mountain Drive went much slower than normal. When we got home, I shoveled off the back deck and we settled into a night that got down to 19 degrees.

Yesterday, exactly 24 hours later, I drove home from kabbalah on perfectly dry roads, a clear sky above with the Joe and Seoah moon. Our solar panels had no snow cover and earlier in the afternoon the weather had warmed enough that putting bulbs in the light fixture I’d strung in front of the house was a pleasant task. Save for remnant patches of snow on lawns, in shaded parts of the forest, it was as if the snow had never been.

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