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Sunday. A Workday again.

Written By: Charles - Nov• 05•18

Samain                                                                       Healing Moon

fiddlerontheroofJoe to the airport. Then, to Evergreen for jigsaw puzzles and supplies. Went to Walmart, the only store in our general area likely to have them. They did. Though many of them were scenes by the “great” American artist, Thomas Kinkade. Bought a couple that were not too treacly. One I like, a farm scene. For SeoAh.

All this took a while. Came home, feeling I needed to keep moving because this was the first Jewish Studies Sampler Sundays. (I canceled the first one while Kate was in the hospital.) Trying to keep the change in mind I looked at the landline. It said, 12:15. So, I corrected to 1:15. Since I had to be at Beth Evergreen early for my 2 p.m. event, I needed to leave. Which I did. Got to the synagogue, went in and started getting set up, putting out snacks, rechecking the dvd connection, getting out a few chairs. Looked at my phone. Hmm. It said, 12:50. What? Oh. The landline had already changed its own time. I hate daylight saving time.

mysticsFour of us watched a first lecture of a Teaching Company course, “The Beginnings of Judaism,” and the first lecture of a Coursera course, “The Talmud, an Introduction.” The content of these courses reflects the care with which both companies choose their professors and their focus. My original notion was to expose people who come to these first Sunday of the month events to online and dvd resources that can supplement CBE’s adult education program. That succeeded, with one attendee taking home the Beginnings of Judaism so he and his wife could watch it.

When I asked how I might make this more useful, one attendee, Stan, said, “Leave more time for discussion.” Hmmm. Reasonable idea and, I realized, a reasonable expectation, yet I don’t know the material any better than the people attending since I haven’t watched all of these. Maybe I’ll need to finish courses before I present them so I can at least have a modestly informed ability to guide a discussion. Not sure.

studyThe ultimate idea was to organize small clusters of learners who might use the online material or the Teaching Company courses for discussion groups of their own. This may make the whole process more cumbersome than practical. Still not sure. Lots of branching possibilities, including online courses by the Kabbalah Experience here in Denver and by the Reconstructionist Learning Network in Philadelphia.

After, I got back home pretty tired and rested for a bit. Jon, Ruth, and Gabe came up for supper. Gabe looked great and I saw him post-op Thursday evening. Kids recover faster, much faster, than adults. A friend brought chicken noodle soup for Kate and we shared it along with a noodle salad that SeoAh made.

It’s been a family and friends moment ever since Kate went into the hospital. We’re not alone; we are loved; and it feels wonderful.

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