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Written By: Charles - Jun• 01•18

Beltane                                                                           Sumi-e Moon

surfOK. Been down in the theological weeds for a couple of days here. One of the reasons I love Beth Evergreen. Regular chances to go deep, swim in the ocean of this fast, temporary experience. Life. Bits and pieces of a new way of looking at faith continue to float up from the sea vents of the soul, still nurturing life after all these billions of years.

In spite of my hyperlogical bent I don’t seem to have the systemic thinking gene, at least not for an extended enough time to produce something coherent. I’m more like a net trawling the trenches, picking up this thought, that idea, odd chunks of history, tradition, transformative moments.

Gonna ride the wave today, pulsing along, crest held high.

Yesterday Ted of All Trades came. He installed some track lighting where our old fan used to be, moved the fan over the dining room table and installed two fans in the loft, for a total of three. It gets hot up here and an air conditioner adequate for the room size won’t fit in the window. Lost two rows of track lighting, gained air circulation.

fwlogoStarting a hunt for a new vehicle. One of us might be gone, say on a red flag day like today, when a fire rushes through leaving the home front without a vehicle to carry the dogs and our small emergency file box. We’ve done well, very well, with only one vehicle, renting when needed, but we’re in a more vulnerable situation here. Buy one, keep the old one. Not cheap though. Probably a Toyota SUV. Something hybrid. Another Rav4 or a Highlander, maybe.

Also, checking out trips to Israel. We’d like to go, maybe next year. Kate for her Jewish identity and me to see a land I’ve studied so much from afar.


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