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How to Win A Nobel Prize

Samain                                  Moon of the Winter Solstice Perhaps my favorite photograph out of the way too many we took, maybe a couple thousand, digital allows profligacy, is this one.  I took it at the command center for the 4 meter […]

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Oh. Yeah.

Samain                           Moon of the Winter Solstice We have entered my favorite season of the year, the slow slide toward the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.  Cue Robert Frost. (Dandelions at Lapatia Bay, Kate) In Ushuaia the sun did not set until 9:30 pm.  Here it sets at 4:30.  As we traveled south […]

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A Year of Two Springs

Fall                                                  Full Autumn Moon A cool rain and a chilly fall evening with wet gold stuck to the bricks and asphalt, a low cloud cover and darkening twilight skies. Though ready to travel there is a sadness in missing the rest of fall, the transition from this still part summer, part cooler season time to […]

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