We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

Inaugration Day. Bright, Sunny. Cold

Winter Waning Wolf Moon The day has begun well.  Sunshine comes from a sky with cirrus clouds, a nice break after the cloudy weather. Today Obama becomes the 44th president of the United States.  After our discussion last night at the Woollies, I realize I do run on a different political path than most.  The […]

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Plants and a Particular Location + Gardener = Dialogue

40  bar falls 30.27  6mph  SSE  dewpoint 24  Spring           Last Quarter Moon of Winds Ah.  Can you feel the sigh?  A weekend with no outside obligations at all.  I plan to do clean up, plant some more seeds, read, maybe watch a bit more of the NCAA.  How about that Davidson, huh?  Took out Wisconsin.  […]

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Bared Roots and All

38  73% 23% 0mph SSW bar29.12 steady  windchill39  Winter                        Last Quarter of the Winter Moon Think I lost a post somewhere in cyber space, one from this morning.  A miscellaneous day so far.  Kate and I decided on the kinds of vegetables we want to grow.  Next I’ll look at her choices for varieties […]

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