We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

See You In September

Lughnasa                                                            Waxing Honey Extraction Moon The end of the day.  The time when the season turns on a pivot toward fall and away from the Solstice.  My mood has shifted to melancholic.  Not sure why.  Maybe the end of the day, the time of year.  It is around this time in the year when I […]

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My Friend

Samhain                                                   New (Thanksgiving) Moon Thursday night around 9 pm I went out to the mailbox to drop The Book of Eli in the mail back to my buddies at Netflix.  It was not a cold night, a slight chill, but the night was clear.  From nowhere in our house can we see the eastern horizon, […]

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The Moratorium Years Didn’t Work Out so Well for Me

29  90%  26%  5mph NNE bara29.84  falls windchill25 Imbolc                  Waning Crescent of the Winter Moon In spite of the fact that this is Minnesota, how soon we forget, I had REI all to myself this morning.  Monday morning shoppers scared back into their easy chairs by, gasp, SNOW.  OK, I did think about turning around […]

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