We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.


Imbolc                                      New Moon (Awakening) A virgin no more.  I went the whole last season without a single bee sting.  Today, when I brought food out to the hive, so they have something to eat until there are blossoms, I got stung.  Twice.  On the face and neck.  OUCH.  With the first one I forgot the […]

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The Moon of Full Flower

Beltane                     Full Flower Moon The full flower moon rises tonight on beds full of daffodils, tulips, snowdrops and small blue flowers whose name I don’t recall.  The furled hosta leaves that come up in a tightly packed spiral have begun to uncurl.  Dicentra have full leaves now, though no flowers yet.   A few iris have […]

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The Bulb Came On

84  bar falls 29.97  0mph  NEE  dew-point 50  sunrise 6:33 sunset 7:53  Lughnasa New (Harvest) Moon When I began to plan the beds for the transplanted lilies and iris, I realized it would be good to dig in daffodils, too.  Daffodils, then Iris, then Lilies. But nobody sells daffodil bulbs in August.  They come out […]

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