We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

The Deal. The Old Deal, Not A Big Deal.

Mid-Summer                                                               Waxing Honey Flow Moon Apres deluge.  Drove into St. Paul this morning, a long chunk of the ride behind a pick-up with Louisiana plates.  Felt like the bayou during the tail end of a hurricane.  Driving in Minnesota seems to perplex our citizens when there is a significant amount of precipitation.  Makes the whole […]

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The lustre of mid-day

Winter                                             Full Cold Moon The full cold moon now has -5 temps under its light.  When there’s snow on the ground and a full moon in the sky, I always think of Twas’ The Night Before Christmas:  And the moon on the new fallen snow gave a lustre of midday to objects below.  Writing that […]

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