We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.


Imbolc                                          Garden Planning Moon Students from St. Matthew’s School in St. Paul.  The first group was willing to go with my plan for contemporary art.  There were several very interested, engaged students.  We looked at […]

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Bees, Clay, and Prints

Mid-Summer                                                                              Waning Honey Flow Moon Long day.  Up at 7:00 to get a head start on the bees.  Hive inspections done, then get ready for Northern Clay. At Northern Clay Kate and I tried to make cylinders.  Not as easy as it sounds.  Especially since come of the clay was short.  This means damned hard […]

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To Bee, To Do

Mid-Summer                                                             Waning Honey Flow Moon Out to the bees in just a few minutes to slap on two more honey supers each, the six I finished varnishing yesterday while Mark put foundations in the frames.  This will find six honey supers on colonies 2 & 3, while colony 1, the parent colony for next year’s […]

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