We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

Time Marches On

Winter                                  Garden Planning Moon Kate sent the check off for the bees.  Two two pound packages of Minnesota Hygienics.  They should come around tax filing deadline.  A happier thing to hive bees. We also decided on the plantings for […]

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Kids, Chinese Heritage and Sheepshead + Buddhism

Lughnasa                          Waxing Artemis Moon Whew.  Into the MIA for tours with kiddies from the Peace Games at the park across from the Museum.  I had two groups, one a group of girls mostly who were sensitive, responsive and imaginative.  A pleasure.  The second group was all tween boys who wandered, posed, paused and were harder […]

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Aramaic and the Democratic Primary Race

28  bar rises 30.06 5mph N windchill 28     First Quarter Moon of Winds Yesterday I had tours with a group of 4th graders from Hastings and 1st graders from Apple Valley.  Though these tours don’t race the intellectual engine, they are fun.  These kids are thoughtful, attentive and excited about the art that they […]

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