We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

Anco Impari (I’m Still Learning. Goya)

Beltane                                                                 Waning Last Frost Moon We continue sliding toward summer, a cool, moist descent, not at all like the sudden, blazing ascension we often see, usually full on in place by now, with sun screen and hats and pitchers of lemonade set out on patios.  At some point it will warm up, at least I […]

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Books Along the Way

Fall                                  Waxing Harvest Moon I have begun to accept that I will never read everything I want to read.   Books sit stacked up on the floor in my study; they lie on top of rows of other books on bookshelves;  all my bookshelves are full and many have books piled on top of them.  Each […]

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Imbolc                                    Waxing Wild Moon Here’s a revelation it’s strange to have this late in life:  I enjoy learning for its own sake.  Now I knew that at one level or another before, it’s true, but here’s what I’ve just learned.  After I finished my workout this evening, I went back to working on Latin translation.  […]

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