We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

Plans and Further Foolishness

Lughnasa                                                                Waxing Harvest Moon We moved Gertie (the German wire hair, formerly of Denver) and Kona (our oldest dog now, a whippet) downstairs.  Gertie had slept in our bedroom but consistently got Kate up between 6 am and 6:30 am. Their crates downstairs, right under the heating ducts, carry sound well, however, and Kate said […]

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Retired at Last

Winter                                                Waxing Moon of the Cold Month Kate’s sewing on the machine she keeps here at Jon and Jen’s.  We retrieved it last night and brought it back to the hotel room.  The room supplies an ironing board and iron, with her cutting mats and rotary cutters–and those $23 to transport scissors–she’s in her favorite […]

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Tires, Novels, Latin

Winter                                       Waxing Cold Moon A productive day.  Moved forward on the novel.  Removed the tire, took it in to Carlson, discovered it would require a new tire.   Over to the pharmacy to pick up meds.  Pharmacist recommended 40 mg pills instead of 20’s.  Cuts our co-pay in half for an expensive med.  Lipitor.  Good deal.  […]

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