We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

And Now, Reverse Field and Head Home

Spring                                                          Bloodroot Moon Everything’s rolled up and in the bag, ready to check out, then board the metro for Reagan International. This was a trip where I […]

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Working At It

Samhain                                                Waning Thanksgiving Moon All day today at the Sierra Club finishing up the first round of interviews for the new policy position.  A bit much for me in terms of people interaction, though very interesting in terms of the people I met. Afterward, I had to eat dinner in the city because we ended […]

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Being Native To This Place

Summer                                Waning Summer Moon Weeds.  Weeds, by definition, are a plant out of place.  This is, if you think about it, a curious definition.  Why?  Because the hardiness and persistence of most weeds indicate that it may be everything else in the garden that is out of place.   So, we may have to admit that […]

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