We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.


Imbolc                                          Garden Planning Moon Students from St. Matthew’s School in St. Paul.  The first group was willing to go with my plan for contemporary art.  There were several very interested, engaged students.  We looked at […]

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And Then Again

Spring                                     Awakening Moon OK.  Turns out I had read the numbers right.  No sudden shower of wealth.  No happy Buddha of good fortune.  Also, no tears.  We have enough, more than most.  We have each other, family, the dogs, our property, our friends, our creative work.  And our Latin.  None of that changes, so the […]

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Icons and Prints

Snow.  Blowing snow.  Blowing snow onto the lawn.   Snow blowing.  Into my face at -12.  Whoa. That’s a wake-me-up. I’m alert and ready for the day. The icy stuff we got yesterday during the day came down before the snow.  Now it’s ice beneath the snow.  Slip slidin’ away. After this a long lecture of […]

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