We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

Untamed and Primal

Fall                                                Waxing Autumn Moon Warning:  weak stomachs should not read further. Kate yelled, but I didn’t hear.  Rigel, let inside after breakfast and a morning’s romp in the woods, came in, lay down on our small oriental rug, and, as dogs sometimes do, threw up.  Gross, I know, but after a while with dogs, many […]

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Caution: Dangerous Rodent Ahead

Spring                                      Awakening Moon We have an injured dog.  Hilo, our smallest whippet, and a friend for many years, got in a scrap with an animal, a squirrel or a rabbit, and got a nasty wound below her right lip and another, larger one underneath her jaw.  She didn’t come for quite a while yesterday, we […]

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