We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

Heirlooms. Better Eating, Better Seeds

Beltane                                    Waxing Planting Moon Got some plants in the mail.  I didn’t start anything from seed this last winter after starting way too many the season before.  Maybe this winter I’ll hit a happy medium.  These are heirloom plants, so I can save the seeds and plant them next year.  Would somebody remind me to […]

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A Good Night at Cards

Beltane                          Waxing Dyan Moon “After another night of losing sheepshead, it finally came to me.  These guys have been playing a lot longer than I have.  Bill since childhood.  Roy and Dick since high school and Ed since entering the Jesuits.  Now I view them as my mentors.  That way I can lose and learn, […]

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Home Work

8  bar steady  30.27  0mph NW  windchill 6   Samhain Last Quarter Moon of Long Nights A busy morning here at the homestead.  I played around with various formats and methods of research for the Sierra Club legislative committee.  One setup uses Google News Alerts and Google Docs to create a real time log of news […]

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