We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

Bee-Keeping, The Third Year

Fall                                                         Full Autumn Moon Our revels now have ended.  The very last of the year’s harvest, four-foot long decorative squash and birdhouse style gourds, Kate brought in yesterday.  The bees are done for the year.  Two colonies will die over the winter and the third, with luck, will survive.  Even if it does, this is […]

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The Harvest Season

Lughnasa                                               Full Artemis Moon Ragged.  Bug-ridden.  Tired out.  The garden needs attention, too.  Stole this one from a Star-Trib column this morning.  It’s true, though, that the garden has begun to head toward the compost pile.  That’s what harvest means, the plants die or die back and we take the seed pods or roots or […]

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