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Bee-Keeping, The Third Year

Fall                                                         Full Autumn Moon Our revels now have ended.  The very last of the year’s harvest, four-foot long decorative squash and birdhouse style gourds, Kate brought in yesterday.  The bees are done for the year.  Two colonies will die over the winter and the third, with luck, will survive.  Even if it does, this is […]

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How Our Garden Grows

Beltane                                                    Waning Planting Moon Plants up, time for photos:

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Bee Diary: May 16, 2010

Beltane                                                     Waxing Planting Moon The bee project here has two active workers, a woodenware maker and a bee keeper.  Kate has put together 7 honey supers and 70 frames plus four, and counting, hive boxes and 26 frames.  Without her patient and careful craftswomanship, the hives would not exist.  I’m just no good at the […]

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