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Written By: Charles - May• 14•20

Beltane and the Corona Lunacy II

Thursday gratefuls: Living in interesting times. Rain in the forecast. Kate’s reading the Talmud, too. Breakfast on zoom with Alan this morning. The fifth covenant. Ode’s starry night, which showed up this morning. The dogs pushing me to get outta bed, come on Dad. Kate poking me. Good sleep. Dandelions, good food for bees. Greening in the pastures and meadows and roadsides and creeksides.

We’ve been under lockdown here since March 25th. That’s all of April and now, for Kate and me, half of May. Our lives have not changed too much, at least our daily lives here on the mountain. I still pickup groceries as I have for a year or so. We don’t go out. We haven’t gone out much in the last two years. I see friends and family on Zoom. That’s increased, but also preceded the lockdown. Doctor visits have decreased, thank god. Every time we go to the doctor or for any other errand we mask, used hand sanitizer after. That’s a change.

I understand the desire of workers and small business owners to return to earning money. Our economy leaves so many on a paycheck to paycheck existence. Small businesses have economic struggles in the best of economies. I understand the pentup energy in kids and adults used to being outside, with friends, outta the house. There is no shame in wanting to be active, see family, go to work. That’s life.

Which is the point, though. Life itself sometimes places difficult demands upon us. This is one of those times. Death puts a distinct end to work, to being active, seeing family and friends. For all ages. Which means that this virus creates tension between health and wealth. Where is the balance point? No one knows.

It would be good if all those gun-toting defenders of the Constitution, maskless and defiant toward those tyrants trying to keep them alive, were right. That the virus would recognize their urgency, their sense of betrayal. That a long burst from a family assault rifle would kill it. That will not be true. Will the lesson of a second wave of deaths be enough to silence them? No. Their spinmeisters already have a script. We’ll hear it soon.

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