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Written By: Charles - May• 13•20

Beltane and the Corona Lunacy II

Wednesday gratefuls: Trash pickup. (just remembered I have to take out the trash. A double bagger today.) A salmon, corn, wilted veggies and mango meal last night. Seoah. Kate working through Mt. Evans and Option Care to solve her feeding tube issues. She has a new pump! The Clan yesterday morning. Here. Afternoon in Riyadh and nighttime in Singapore. Early am in San Francisco. Coffee. Hmm. Deserves two mentions, coffee.

The life at home. Several folks I know reference Groundhog’s Day. Living a Bill Murray repeat. Not my experience. Zoom calls on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday break up my week with friends and education. Some days I cook. Not many right now, but some. I have Talmud to read, always different. My workouts vary: resistance 3x, HIIT 2x, long slow walk, 1x. I read different books and watch different television shows. Yes, there’s a routine which includes a nap, but what’s in the routine changes daily.

I just agreed to do the MVP evening on the 27th. The character trait is equanimity: Calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation. Early 17th century (also in the sense ‘fairness, impartiality’): from Latin aequanimitas, from aequus ‘equal’ + animus ‘mind’. Lexico

The goal of the soul trait Equanimity is to remain in the present moment and not to let your emotions get the better of you.

Too Little Equanimity: We are hysterical, reactive and get too high and too low.

Too Much Equanimity: We become ambivalent or oblivious to the rest of the world.

equanimity spectrum
Spectrum of Equanimity

American Mussar

Think I’m gonna try and marry this to resilience. Of which we all need more. This is another way I crank up the variations in my days.

Cirrus wisps over Black Mountain this morning. The MDT sun rising too fast against the true clock. BTW. Round clocks versus digital. Digital gives you time as information. This moment is 7:07 a.m. Round clocks with hands put time in context, show you that the same time will occur again and again, repeating regularly. As does the day and the seasons. Since I realized this, I’ve found having round clocks important.

Singapore has delayed international returns to the island nation until at least June 1, maybe June 4th. And, I imagine, if the numbers don’t improve, later yet. Seoah will be here at least until then. I feel sorry for her and for Joe. This has become a maze which doesn’t seem to have a clear route to the exit.

Governance. Trump’s idea that the federal government is backup to the states in the pandemic scratches the small government lovers itch, I’m sure. Yes, yes, they say. That’s it. Let the states decide and the feds will offer help when needed. If that were the ongoing assumption, and if the feds had planned for that role, it might make more sense. But, they haven’t. In this case the feds are simply derelict, and small government lovers find themselves facing a case for a stronger than ever federal government.

A major part of the turmoil in the U.S. has been the unexpected incompetence of our central government. The CDC, normally the voice of science and reason during medical emergencies, has been taken over by zombies. Who seek brains rather than use them. TWD. The unifying role of the presidency, usually a rallying point, has found Trump reversing in the bully pulpit toward division instead.

The chaotic stream of disinformation and real information coming from the Whitehouse has forced most Americans to look away, to look toward their state capitols. State capitols, all 50 of them, have had outsized roles. One of the problems with state’s rights has neon lit background as a result. Many governors, Republican and Democrat alike, have chosen to follow science. But not all. There will be a southern wave, a southern catastrophe with Covid-19. It is coming. Perhaps here too in Colorado, where our state’s libertarian and right-wing impulses have pushed our libertarian sometimes progressive most of the time governor to open earlier than most of us would have preferred.

What the future holds has become a very interesting question. Here at our house. In the state. In the nation. In the world.

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