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Warrior Energy

Written By: Charles - Oct• 07•20

Fall and the RBG Moon seconded by Mars and Orion

Wednesday gratefuls: Dr Taryle on a good day. ILD stable. Pneumo thorax gone. Effusion an artifact, a ghost in the machine. Kate in a better place. Rigel, weeks out now from her hospitalization. A note from Joe about the Elk goring the golfer in Evergreen. Watch out for Elk! Tilapia, new white potatoes, asparagus. Trash collection.

Kate got some helpful news. Her interstitial lung disease has remained stable since April of 2019. The pneumo thorax is gone. The pleural effusion was either an artifact or her slightly higher right diaphragm. Taryle does think she has problems with aspiration so we will switch specialties and go back to Dr. Rhee, the gastroenterologist. More imaging. Big fun.

Rigel has begun to refuse her antibiotics. I’ve given them to her in meatballs of dogfood for several weeks. Now, she turns her head away. That means sticking my fingers in that mouthful of big teeth and putting them down her throat. She doesn’t like it and neither do I. She ate none of her supper last night.

I need a break I said to Kate after I tried to get Rigel to eat. Kate thought I meant a vacation, time away. Nope. What do you want from me? I want you to get better. I want Rigel to get better, too. That’s what I want. Naive, childish. Yes. But always there, behind the realist there is a dreamer, a hoper, a wisher.

At times, when Rigel refused her supper for example, I try to make things better. Eat, Rigel! As if a sharp word will overcome whatever she’s feeling. Frustration, fear, sadness. Even here, especially here, we follow the path, the Tao, as it wends its way through. Kate, Rigel, Kep, me. All on the path, the ancientrail of Lao Tze.

This morning the RBG moon’s waning light made bright Mars and rugged Orion fainter. All there, though. Warrior energy in our sky. Those willing to fight. I’m glad they are with us in this month, a month when we need all the warrior energy we can muster.

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